Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Will Remember You

Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Today is my Aunt Sharon's birthday. She died unexpectantly in 2007 when her pnemonia went septic. She's the first person I've ever really known who died and it was so hard because I really love her alot. I think about her everyday and it helps to not miss her so much.

She was an amazing woman and gorgeous. One of the last times I saw her was at my Mom's cousin's wedding and she looked SOOO glamorous. The whole night Bri and I were talking about how she won best dressed hands down. She was beautiful on the inside too.

EVERYONE loved her. She was an elementary school principle and it's beautiful how the community memorialized her at the school - some of the parents even wanted to rename the school since she had been the building's first principle.

She was classic. She was a Martha Stewart of sorts and everything was always the best but what was REALLY the best was that she appreciated everything and everyone. We're not rich and she understood that. At holidays she'd ask for little things like hand towels, lotions, cooking utensils and she would be so HAPPY and excited when she opened them you'd think she had been given Tiffany jewlry. And it was sincere enthusium and not forced or patronizing.

She was the same way when I first took her my university. It's a commuter and not big but when I took her for a tour and when she talked about it to other people you'd think I'd shown her Yale.

She was always understanding. At my graduation party my other Aunt wanted me to open my gifts in front of the family but I didn't want to because most people had given checks and I didn't want people to know who gave how much. Aunt Sharon knew that immediately and solved that problem.

Growing up with my crazy family I always wished my Aunt Sharon was my grandmother instead of my aunt. I always wanted to talk with her more then I got a chance to. We had a lot in common. We both like school and pretty things. She introduced me to one of my favorite movies - Gone with the Wind - and we both love Clark Gable.

On my long road of trying to change one of my earliest changes was trying to spend more time with family members - secretly sometimes and not often regardless because of my Mom but when I could. I'm SOOOO glad I started before it was too late and was able to go out with her alone a couple times. I'm also glad that I called her on Easter.

We always spent holidays with the Aunts but not that Easter because she was sick with the flu. I called and didn't talk long because she wasn't feeling good but I'm so glad I called her because a couple days later she was gone.

Happy Birthday Aunt Sharon!
I love you and miss you!
Go Michigan State!

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