Monday, March 30, 2009

Hot n Cold

Artist: Kate Perry

I'm reaching a breaking point here. And I'm very close to becoming unequivically desperate - thankfully I haven't quite reached that point yet.
Nevertheless, I've developed a "crush" on someone I would never "date" but desperately want to make out with - and no he isn't an Orthodox Muslim so hypothetically its a possibility; however my making out with him is still highly unlikely unless I just do it one day - which would normally never happen but I'm definitely in dire need to makeout with someone so I can't rule it out completely.

Although I'm grateful that I at least have maintained some standard and he's hypothetically smart, nice, fun and definitely hot. The funny thing is I've never given him any thought until recently but he's definitely not bad on eyes. You can tell its late because I'm using definitely way too many times.

I went to and visited H and Baby P and C. Although the kiddies weren't up for visiting it was great to see H&M as usual. Here's the latest picture of me and baby P. She's such a cutie!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Ones for the Girl

Artist: Martina McBride

Here's a picture of me and my Mom, Great-Aunt Margaret, and Aunt Mikki at honors night. Althogh I'd get no bling if I walked or Summa Cum Laude I did get 2 plaques and was chosen Honor Scholar in both the History and Political Science departments so that was pretty nice. I'm the only person the Associate Dean has ever seen get 2 awards and its nice for the ego when you walk up and everyone gets one award and I got 2

I also got the chance to emulate my favorite lady - Stockard Channing wahoo!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The LIttle Things

Artist: Colbie Callait

Well Princess Freckles pointed out I haven't blogged in awhile and since something semi-interesting happened I figured I'd post.

In the ultimate good news bad news scenario. Orthodox Muslim boy likes me too much!

Although I cannot completely explain or give understandable justice to the practice I'll sum it up briefly nontheless. Shias can have temporary marriages which means I could touch him and we could make out. In the non-Muslim world we call this dating. There is no dating in orthodox Islam and so Shias have what Sunnis consider a "cheat" and a lot of Muslims don't approve of it. It's not at all but Muslims would view these temporary marriages like Americans view hooking. As an American however I see it as dating. Orthodox boy sees it like other Muslims therefore he feels like he's doing me a favor.

More importantly, he doesn't want to put himself in the situation because he likes me and casual temporary relationship is all we could ever have and well I'm all for it he's not. With all or nothing on the table I get nothing - we're friends that's good but man I want to make out with him!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm All Shook Up

Artist: Elvis Presley

Amazingly although many people feel that I am very political I don't write about politics very much here but I absolutely must post a comment I intended to make in response to an article I read but that the computer wouldn't let me.

The ravage hatred of Obama is driving me absolutely crazy. First of all he's barely been president and yet everyone thinks there should be all of these drasitic changes or even worse no change at all.

WTF? George Bush spent more money on a war than Obama plans to spend DOMESTICALLY to fix the economy that W ignored for 8 years and Obama?! is the wasteful spender!? What is wrong with this country?

We would prefer to see a nation of unemployed, homeless people(becuase of foreclosures which don't simply effect stupid irresponsible people, particularly when there are no jobs for even the brightest hard working people), with no money (because the banks have failed), and no national defense (because the autos have failed and we have no manufaturing base the big companies and their smaller suppliers) and China or whoever buys up all our abandoned, repocessed and bankrupted property and business.

Yep those all sound like great alternatives.

I don't approve of huge deficit spending but NEWSFLASH we have limited alternatives! The Stimulus may not work and may cause more problems yes but NO ONE knows that yet. What we do know is that if NOTHING gets done than we will DEFINITELY have more problem!

"Bush screwed up this country for 8 years while the only thing people could do was say he's a moron - no he took action, what he thought was right based off his beliefs and ideology.

Guess what Reagan, Kennedy and Roosevelt all did the same thing.
So did Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Wilson, Johnson, Eisenhower, Truman, Grant, Harding, Coolidge and all the rest.

Some were right and some were wrong. Obama is doing what is necessary - action and while he can because in a few weeks Congress won't make a substaintial move for another a year and a half at the earliest.

If you'd prefer watching the entire economic and defense system of the United States collapse than continue to applaud the inactivity of Republicans who offer no better alternative than to say Obama is wrong.

But I'll remind you that Hoover got voted out of office for taking no action and then taking some steps in the last months of his presidency (sound familiar?) and then FDR can with sweeping and controversial reform that is today accepted as common sense and fundamental rights as US citizens.

Obama may not be the next FDR but we won't know that until we at least wait a year its been 40-some DAYS PEOPLE!


My Girl

Artist: Temptations

Here's a picture of the cutest girl in the world! Isn't she so ADORABLE! She's my cousin's baby and is one week old. I was so happy to be asked to babysit for Baby C when she was in labor but never got to see the latest addition, Baby P. After these pictures I'm going to have to make a special visit before work and cross my fingers that my car holds up the journey!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comin' Home Baby

Artist: Michael Buble

Well not coming so much as leaving. I just can't take it anymore. I love my Mom I really do but we don't get along and I think distantance will do us good - and I'm not moving far. She tells me to move out everyday, she doesn't talk to me at all and says maybe she'd talk to me more if she didn't see me all the time, and she tells me I'm grown and shouldn't be staying with her. So really I'm just listening to her.

I'm lucky because my BFF (& I mean that literally because we fight sometime like the past couple months but I called and it was like nothing happened) needs to get place so we're going apartment hunting this weekend. Since she's going to be staying there and I'm more or less just staying with her she's not having me pay that much rent so its not unreasonable or irresponsible. And most importantly its necessary.

It's my Mom's B-day today and I was really glad that she liked her gift, especially since I've been avoiding her and home for the past couple days after a fight. Anyway, I hope she won't be mad but I know she will be. I'm hoping that after a little bit she's see that its a good thing but I'm not hopeful and really scared. I don't want to hurt her feelings or make her mad but for both our sanity its essential.

Cross your fingers because I'm going to need all the positive thoughts I can get!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Way to Die

Artist: Alicia Keys (Quantom of Solace soundtrack - Awesome!)
I saw the new Batman movies for the first time yesterday. The Dark Night is better than Batman Begins but they are both good. Batman has always been my favorite comic hero - tall, dark and handsome - I watched all the newer batman series when Iwas a kid. Loved Batman Beyond because Stockard Channing did the voice of Commissioner Gordon (like Dame Dench the male role became female) but not the point. Batman is great because he's dark and badass all on hisown without any superpower just like my other favorite Mr. Bond, James Bond.
I couldn't help but notice that the two characters are very similar and more than that the updated versions & their respective actors play them similar to each other but different then their predecessors. Craig and Bale definately bring the badass, dark, grittiness to their character which I LOVE. And the producers bring less gadgets. I think its a society thing - now that we have all these toys ourselves we don't want to see them in the movies. We can hackcomputer, have phones with cameras and guns but as a nation of couch potatoes single handedly taking down a dozen guys and saving the world will impress.

Here are the parallels I've found:


Bad Ass

Simply Irresistable

Cool Cars

Pretty, TOUGH Ladies - ditsy damsels don't cut it anymore

Faithful advisors