Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The LIttle Things

Artist: Colbie Callait

Well Princess Freckles pointed out I haven't blogged in awhile and since something semi-interesting happened I figured I'd post.

In the ultimate good news bad news scenario. Orthodox Muslim boy likes me too much!

Although I cannot completely explain or give understandable justice to the practice I'll sum it up briefly nontheless. Shias can have temporary marriages which means I could touch him and we could make out. In the non-Muslim world we call this dating. There is no dating in orthodox Islam and so Shias have what Sunnis consider a "cheat" and a lot of Muslims don't approve of it. It's not at all but Muslims would view these temporary marriages like Americans view hooking. As an American however I see it as dating. Orthodox boy sees it like other Muslims therefore he feels like he's doing me a favor.

More importantly, he doesn't want to put himself in the situation because he likes me and casual temporary relationship is all we could ever have and well I'm all for it he's not. With all or nothing on the table I get nothing - we're friends that's good but man I want to make out with him!

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