Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm All Shook Up

Artist: Elvis Presley

Amazingly although many people feel that I am very political I don't write about politics very much here but I absolutely must post a comment I intended to make in response to an article I read but that the computer wouldn't let me.

The ravage hatred of Obama is driving me absolutely crazy. First of all he's barely been president and yet everyone thinks there should be all of these drasitic changes or even worse no change at all.

WTF? George Bush spent more money on a war than Obama plans to spend DOMESTICALLY to fix the economy that W ignored for 8 years and Obama?! is the wasteful spender!? What is wrong with this country?

We would prefer to see a nation of unemployed, homeless people(becuase of foreclosures which don't simply effect stupid irresponsible people, particularly when there are no jobs for even the brightest hard working people), with no money (because the banks have failed), and no national defense (because the autos have failed and we have no manufaturing base the big companies and their smaller suppliers) and China or whoever buys up all our abandoned, repocessed and bankrupted property and business.

Yep those all sound like great alternatives.

I don't approve of huge deficit spending but NEWSFLASH we have limited alternatives! The Stimulus may not work and may cause more problems yes but NO ONE knows that yet. What we do know is that if NOTHING gets done than we will DEFINITELY have more problem!

"Bush screwed up this country for 8 years while the only thing people could do was say he's a moron - no he took action, what he thought was right based off his beliefs and ideology.

Guess what Reagan, Kennedy and Roosevelt all did the same thing.
So did Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Wilson, Johnson, Eisenhower, Truman, Grant, Harding, Coolidge and all the rest.

Some were right and some were wrong. Obama is doing what is necessary - action and while he can because in a few weeks Congress won't make a substaintial move for another a year and a half at the earliest.

If you'd prefer watching the entire economic and defense system of the United States collapse than continue to applaud the inactivity of Republicans who offer no better alternative than to say Obama is wrong.

But I'll remind you that Hoover got voted out of office for taking no action and then taking some steps in the last months of his presidency (sound familiar?) and then FDR can with sweeping and controversial reform that is today accepted as common sense and fundamental rights as US citizens.

Obama may not be the next FDR but we won't know that until we at least wait a year its been 40-some DAYS PEOPLE!


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