Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Comin' Home Baby

Artist: Michael Buble

Well not coming so much as leaving. I just can't take it anymore. I love my Mom I really do but we don't get along and I think distantance will do us good - and I'm not moving far. She tells me to move out everyday, she doesn't talk to me at all and says maybe she'd talk to me more if she didn't see me all the time, and she tells me I'm grown and shouldn't be staying with her. So really I'm just listening to her.

I'm lucky because my BFF (& I mean that literally because we fight sometime like the past couple months but I called and it was like nothing happened) needs to get place so we're going apartment hunting this weekend. Since she's going to be staying there and I'm more or less just staying with her she's not having me pay that much rent so its not unreasonable or irresponsible. And most importantly its necessary.

It's my Mom's B-day today and I was really glad that she liked her gift, especially since I've been avoiding her and home for the past couple days after a fight. Anyway, I hope she won't be mad but I know she will be. I'm hoping that after a little bit she's see that its a good thing but I'm not hopeful and really scared. I don't want to hurt her feelings or make her mad but for both our sanity its essential.

Cross your fingers because I'm going to need all the positive thoughts I can get!

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