Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another Way to Die

Artist: Alicia Keys (Quantom of Solace soundtrack - Awesome!)
I saw the new Batman movies for the first time yesterday. The Dark Night is better than Batman Begins but they are both good. Batman has always been my favorite comic hero - tall, dark and handsome - I watched all the newer batman series when Iwas a kid. Loved Batman Beyond because Stockard Channing did the voice of Commissioner Gordon (like Dame Dench the male role became female) but not the point. Batman is great because he's dark and badass all on hisown without any superpower just like my other favorite Mr. Bond, James Bond.
I couldn't help but notice that the two characters are very similar and more than that the updated versions & their respective actors play them similar to each other but different then their predecessors. Craig and Bale definately bring the badass, dark, grittiness to their character which I LOVE. And the producers bring less gadgets. I think its a society thing - now that we have all these toys ourselves we don't want to see them in the movies. We can hackcomputer, have phones with cameras and guns but as a nation of couch potatoes single handedly taking down a dozen guys and saving the world will impress.

Here are the parallels I've found:


Bad Ass

Simply Irresistable

Cool Cars

Pretty, TOUGH Ladies - ditsy damsels don't cut it anymore

Faithful advisors


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