Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miracles Happen

Artist: Maya

I listened to the Hot One - he said ask Slakerboy on a date or get hammered - I couldn't do the date thing bc I had a strong feling that he'd say no and while I could deal with it but I just think it can't be easy to say no to someone so...

I wasn't actually going to do anything but i saw him and we both were complaining about being tired and I said I wish i had an energy drink and he said he was going to get one before work but didn't. I said if he gets one pick me up one.
I NEVER expected him to get me one. And it was like 3 hours later and he comes upstairs and brings me an AMP. He had told HorseGirl to bring it to me but she forgot so he brought it to me. Not only did he get it and bring it to me he bought my favorite brand which I talk about all the time but its not mainstream. He drinks RockStar and most drink Monster. None of this means anything on his part I'm sure but it made him really hot.

Anyway, i decided to take Matt's advice and went with the drinking and said you want to go to a bar, he said when tonight?, i said sure, he said can't tonight, so I said a different night, and he said yeah, i said great let me know when that is.

Then I went who gave me lots of bad advice that would have really entertained her like go and make out with him on the desk. She also suggested giving him my number which I thought was really bad idea but after a couple failed but unnoticed attempts I brought him my number and said call me when you want to go out to the bar, bowling or whatever. He said okay, not on the weekdays but on the weekends and that totally shocked me. Before we left work he asked what bars I've been to - answer none. I again was shocked that he mentioned it.

Oppose to the no window of possibility there appears to be an actual window that may open! WTH! Who knew!

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