Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby When the Lights Go Out

Artist: Five

Well today started off pretty well.

I made beautiful but really horribly tasting peach scones yesterday. But not detered I decided to back a florentine-eque pizza this morning and it was really good. I bought a pizza crust, sauteed red onions, tomatoes and spinach in some light oil and put it on top of Paul Newman's tomato& basil sauce and topped it with mozzerella cheese. Delicious.

And I got to work there was no electricity - big storm last night. Princess Freckles and I and our co-workers spent much of the next three hours looking out the window watching people come to the door to then turn back to the parking lot. PF also tasted the scone and can attest to how bad it was :/

Anyway I left work early and was semi-productive before going to gym, class and volunteering. I'm pretty sure I got a bad grade on my paper but am too afraid to look.

Finally, I talked with my Granny - which is almost never a good idea and today was no exception. First the sad news is I learned that my dad's wife mother who is such a nice lady and always very sweet to me and B has early onset demensia. I don't talk with my Dad ever so I don't see her very much but will have to try to get over the bridge for a visit.

Second, I got to hear about all the classes my little siblings are in and what my Dad has bought and done for and with them. I'm glad they get to have a good Dad but at the same time I'm upset that he has never done anything for me or B and owes my mom a fortune in back child support. He's provided no emotional or finanical support for us but can do things for them, I jsut don't understand how anyone can just ignore their kids and not take responsibility i guess.

Anyway tomorrow's the big single's mingle so I've post an update Sat.

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