Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

Artist: someone
It's rather late in the day for this but HAPPY JOHN DINGELL day!

Congressman Dingell has served in Congress for a quarter of its existance (53 years). And if you listened to NPR today you will know that he is not like most older Senators and Congressmen. He's all there and the nicest man you will meet. He goes to more events than any politician I know and he love to talk with constituents. And everyone loves him. It's pretty funny because Republicans call his office and complain about whatever law or action but never Congressman Dingell - the funny thing is that they always think he's just unaware of the problem and that once he hears the correct answer he will agree with them. People from out of the district and state go to him for help too, just because he's such a nice guy and will help them if he knew about the problem/request.

Congratulations Congressman Dingell, no one deserves it more than you!

In other news, one of my bosses/friend gave me Harvest Sweets - Dark Chocolate raspberry Truffles and they are AMAZING! I ate the whole box within 2 hours! To be fair it was only like 9 pieces but nevertheless, they are VERY GOOD!

In other news I babysat Baby C yesterday and was sooo glad that he didn't cry the whole time. In fact he barely cried at all! H & M are such great parents and are always with him when they can be that he doesn't have a babysitter often and last time I watched him I put him to bed and it was the first time his parents didn't. I was afriad he'd be scarred for life but he wasn't.

He was so much fun. He's only one and half and I had him color a picture for his soon-to-be baby sis and let him give her one of the outfits I got for her. He was so cute picking out which one to give and putting it in the bag I had him reenact it so I could film it for my camera.
Finally, I was rejected by 3 jobs in 2 days - more qualified candidates. I'm so doomed.


  1. Those truffles sound amazing! What a fun gift.

  2. Hi there! I just found your profile and when I saw you were in Detroit I just had to keep reading as I am from that area myself (Ferndale, to be exact). And I agree, John Dingell is both a great guy and Congressman. Can't wait to read more!