Monday, February 2, 2009

Gonna Miss President Roosevelt

Artist: Unknown, Blues for FDR

I miss the Roosevelts. Researching and writing my thesis last semester was fun.

So I've decied to start working on my book. I've always planned to write another book and this time I want to get it published. What I enjoyed most about my research was the fact that it hasn't been well researched. There are only a couple of books about the alignment of black Americans to the Democratic party during the Roosevelt era and barely any credit is given to FDR. I don't exactly have a ton of time to work on it now but I can do little things. I have ideas in my head about what I'd like to do and I'm sure there will be changes but one thing I'm pretty sure about is writing a narrative and not a scholarly book. So now my blog will also be a chronicle for my book adventure.

And hopefully in five years I can have it finished and have it published before the greatest legacy of the Roosevelt adminstration leaves office.

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