Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hot Pockets

Artist: some really lucky ad guys

I wish I had the time and money to cook delicious meals like everyone else but as a broke college student it just doesn't happen. Therefore, I live a little too much on tv dinners. Here's a new one I tried today and it's delicious. I love the panini at Panera and this is similar and a quarter of the price. My only complaint is that normally with Hot Pockets you buy the box and the two sandwiches are individually packaged these are not. So you eat the whole thing which is wonderful but not as healthy. Below is my other favorite and healthier (as far as frozen foods go).


  1. Girl, get the Ziploc freezer vac. It's like $4 at Target and totally worth it. I'm single and live by myself so I freeze stuff a lot and this makes things last longer and doesn't give it freezer burn. Plus the vacuum pump is fun to play with on its own.

  2. How about you put it in the microwave for ten minutes?

  3. Those Hot Pockets are one of my faves!