Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ordinary Day

Artist: Vanessa Carlton

I've been an awful blogger of late. Things have just been too busy. Soo many things where to start.

First - Lent. I'm an awful Catholic but a proud Catholic. I wish I went to church more often but I don't however I have started reading the bible - which I suppose doesn't make me any better of a Catholic lol - and am trying to give up gossiping. The latter is VERY hard. I know I'm a gossip but it's hard to determine what's talking about my life and what is gossiping so that won't be easy (especially at my job) but I'll do my best.

Second - President Obama's unofficial state of the union. I thought it was great. It really spoke to all the issues I really care about namely EDUCATION! It's so nice to hear about education as a priority since it hasn't been in such a long time. His call to action of course reminded me of JFK's and really makes me want to do CityYear whatever the cost. That's my big thing right now - what to do with my life. I just don't know.

Third - Shopping. I went on a spree today. I mostly bought things for Baby C & soon to be Baby P. I bought cutest stuff for Easter from Target and these really cute little sport eggs so I'll have a egg hunt for C. I would totally have gotten way more for Baby P but I'm broke. I want to get her a cute little dress but they are semi-expensive since I have no money. We'll see.

I also went shopping for me which I shouldn't have but I did. I got a cute Taylor Swift dress and a really cute pink purse that has a LOVE label on it. Since I love pink and alway dot my i's with hearts and the "O" is a heart I thought it was appropriate.

Fourth - Exercise. I started my class Tuesday and it kicked my ass but in a good way. I'm sooo out of shape which is horrible since I did so well this summer. I also rented Jillian Michaels work out tape which also kicked my ass. I've done alot of workout vids but hers is the hardest by a long shot! I'm going to really give it a go in March to try and lose some weight but we'll see what happens.

Finally - I learned I'm the Honors Scholar in both the History & Political Science departments and that was a surprise and really nice to learn. However I have no idea what it entails and am curious but I don't know how to tactfully ask that question to a professor - again we'll see.

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