Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sexy Back

Artist: Justin Timberlake

So I decided to skip the conservative and go for the sexy. It's really cute and like a dress but it's soft and pajamas. It's a Pajama Party Single's Mingle - hence the pj's. Princess Freckles should know that I'm not outgoiong enough to wear pj's at a party. The picture is blurry but this is the gist. There are like white "firecrackers" on them.

Additionally, following in the footsteps of Prep in the Big Apple, I contacted an ex.
Now I use the term VERY loosely and vaguely. We were never really an item but we were heading down that path when things kind of blew up. A little background. I met him when I was 18 and hosting a veteran's event at school and he is like 10 years older than me and I wasn't ready for anything. We became friends and then when I was ready to see what could happen but he kept standing me up. As friends it was okay for him to be late or have to cancel but when we were going to go on our first real date and he didn't show I was pissed.
I was also worried because I heard nothing from him all day. So when I finally did I called him on it and he was pissed because his car broke and he was fighting with companies all day. He was suppose to be coming to my school for a presentation and we got in a fight about that and I just didn't want to talk to him. He bought me a gift and wanted to apologize but I wouldn't let him so we didn't talk.
I texted him on election night to see if he was alive (he's in the Army and I always wonder if he'll be sent back overseas) but never called him back like I said I would.
He's definately one of those "bad boys" -- see below -- and so I don't know what is going to happen but he apologized again and asked where do we go from here. I told him food is a good place to start and now I shall wait and see what happens.

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