Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bumpy Ride

Artist: Robyn

Good things and bad things.

Good is that I signed up for a class at the local Rec. I've really wanted to take a class but didn't think I'd have the time and would have to wait until I graduated but I found a cheap, half hour abs and buns workout class and signed up.

Good and bad. My friend K sent me a sweet V-day card. She lives in NYC and I don't see her much so I thought I'd send her a little care package. She loves Tinkerbell so I got her a purse and then put other items in there that spelt CANDY. I'll post the sheet later. It's really cute. Anyway my Mom was mad and thought it was stupid and a waste of money and an arguement insued. And I realized - once I got to the postoffice - that I don't have her apt # so I'll have to send it tomorrow morning.

Bad there was a Political Science Club social at Buffalo Wild Wings and only two other people showed up and I had horrible food so I wasted my money.

Oh well, Housewives and B&S is on tonight and hopefully they will be good.

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