Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad Boys

Artist: Will Smith
What is it about bad boys that make them so irrestistable?
My FAVORITE Bad Boy... his name is Bond, James Bond.
Some of my favorite shows were on tonight and on all of them I like the bad boys - albiet in VERY different ways. Regardless, the "bad" boys always appeal to me. Every "nice" boy I find boring or stupid. And of course the "bad" boy is NEVER any good. House, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill are however so on with the shows....

" involves House, Foreman and 13 so it's either dumb, dangerous or tradgic..." - Taub

That was the quote of the show and I'm pleased that neither was true. Today was good. Amazingly, Dr. House wasn't bad today, he was nice actually nice!!! Cuddy on the other hand not so nice and let him have it. Not that I blame her since he is usually a complete ass.
Unfortunately, because they are on at the same time I only get to see chunks of Gossip Girl. But I LOVE the parts I can see. Fashion and gossip two of my favorite things. But the best thing on GG is the Chuck Bass! I don't know what it is about him but he's just so..... Chuck.
Dan Scott is the devil I mean this man has literally done every evil thing imaginable and yet somehow he's like my favorite character on the show or at least I miss him when he's not on. I discuss this with HorseGirl everytime we talk about OTH and I can't decide if its the actor or amazing writing that makes this evil-jerk-murderer redeemable. After today I'm leaning towards the actor because he was too cute with Jamie.
Surprisingly, James van Der Beek was also cute today. I love that he is on OTH. I think it's awesome. I'm not a specific fan and I rarely liked Dawson but Chad Michael Murray got his start on DC and both were the teen soap for their "generation" so it's fun.
Rounding out my tv blog entry I have to confess that I watched Baywatch last night. Growing up it was one of my favorite shows. Bri and I would pretend to be the different characters. I was excited for the 2002 tv movie. Most people think it's crazy - I don't disagree; however the show - at least season 3 - is not inappropriate or anything. Just really, really, REALLY dumb. It's totally after-school special, pathetic montages and really bad acting.


  1. I love Daniel Craig! I have ever since I saw Layer Cake or Casino Royale. And of course Ed Westwick is very atractive.

  2. I have seen them both and Casino Royale is like my favorite movie period right now.