Friday, February 20, 2009

God Bless America


Well I've been so busy with school I haven't blogged in quite some time. Thankfully Physics went well and I pulled out an A- on the exam.

And today's Happy Hour day and I'm very excited! I c
an't wait to hang out with Princess Freckles, J and Ms. Ross, plus I'll meet J's husband and mystery guy too!

Tuesday Congressman McCotter (R-MI) came to campus (and it was a stressful fiasco that involved me hijacking a professor's class so he could speak to it but all in
all I survived) and I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm a proud Democrat. I'm a moderate ideologically
but I'm a strong party faithful, so I've never voted for McCotter and never really knew much about him. Personally, he's not a very friendly guy. Every politician I have met - Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Governor Granholm, Senators Levin and Stabenow and Congressman Dingell - are incredibly friendly and interested in people. Hillary and Dingell win by a long shot because no matter the crowd they will want to ask you questions.

That is B with Hill since her picture came out better and I don't have my professional photo on a computer.

I LOVE Hillary so I just have to recount my two encounters with her because she gets a harsh reputation which she doesn't deserve. The first time I was in high school, couldn't vote and went with my sister to an event with ALOT of important politicians. And there were 100s of people who wanted to talk with Hillary and she talked (by that I mean I shrieked incoherently and my sister translated) with us for a few minutes and took a picture with both of us even though her people were trying to push her through the line.

The second time I was volunteering a VIP event and was able to get a professional photo taken with her and I was the last person before she had to get on a plane
so again there was a hurry. Nevertheless, she was very friendly and we took the picture when I was walking away she noticed I had my nametag on so she told me to come back and we'd take another picture! I LOVE Secretary Clinton!

On with McCotter.... the arrangement ended up being a townhall and he was gracious in answering questions but he never asked anyone's name or what they were studying even when we had a brief meet and greet with the Political Science Club (my org) and the College Republicans (who I work with). I don't hold that against him though, I just thought it was interesting.

Politically I mostly disagree with him but not entirely and I can pretty much respect his views. He's a Cold Warrior for sure - it was funny because he was talking about Fascist and Communist threats. I strongly disagree with his position on education because that is my important issue and he is not interested at all.

I did agree or at least strongly respect his position on the economy. He's oppose to the stimulus and I'm not but he wasn't bitter about it. He was nice to Obama and said that he'd wait to make judgements until later but he laid it into W - which surprised me. He does not believe in the free market and said business will look out for its self and become anarchy if the government doesn't regulate it which I strongly agree with. He's a good republican he doesn't believe in big government he believes in necessary government which I respect and agree with although we have a different interpretation of necessary. Again I was surprised that he said nice things about Governor Granholm who is not very popular around here.

Finally, what I agreed with/respected the most was his love for Michigan and Detroit in particular. He knows that a strong Detroit is essential for a strong Michigan. So I can't say I'd ever vote for him but I do respect him and don't mind that he's my Congressional representative.

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