Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Little Things

Artist: Colbie Callait

Somehow I ended up having a psuedo date on V-Day with the person I'd want to most.

I have no idea what is around his neck and its not a fashion accessory

My Orthodox Muslim non-boyfriend ex called me.

The quick history is I met him in at a leadership program last year and really liked him. He asked for my number and called me few times and we would talk for hours. And then we'd hang out for hours. We even went out on a double (non) date, bookstore, Starbucks, and a party. And would just sit in my car and talk till 4 in the morning. It was perfect because he's smart, funny, sexy and I'm 100% comfortable around him.

Of course I'm not lucky enough to find the perfect guy and end up with a Orthodox Muslim who doesn't touch the opposite sex. Not great since I'm super attracted to him. And he also can't "date." A difficult concept for me to understand since we talk every day, hang out and go out. Something clicked in his head appearly that he can't "date" after a month or so and he "broke up" with me.

I was really upset and knowing the "rules" I tried to work something out. We couldn't really. We went on a great "date" downtown this summer. And he calls me occassionally and we talk for hours. I saw him for the first time in a couple months a few weeks ago and we talked everyday for about a week. I asked him out for V-Day just so I wouldn't be alone. Again I know the "rules" and made an offer he should have been able to accept. He rejected it in his polite, comical and apoligetic way.

(Note: I proposition him every few months because I happen to enjoy trying to seduce him (in a PG/13 manner since we've accomedated the "rules" a couple times) so my asking him out wasn't a pathetic V-day thing/attempt to "date" him ).

Anyway we hadn't spoke since then and I was - am always - surprised to see his name in my caller id. He wishes me a Happy Valentine's Day (the only person that day except possibly J) and we talk for 2 hours. And about everything ,as usually. I made him listen to Taylor Swift and John Mayer, he made me listen to a song from My Fair Lady and some classical music. He asked about my love life - which I swear is his favorite topic and one that I would like to avoid unless he wants to make out with me.

I was the one to end the conversation. Generally I think its a good idea to be the one to cut it off - leave him wanting more ;) and I really had to get my hair done (the club smell was killing me and it take 4hrs to do

Once I was off the phone I realized some important things.

1. He called because he felt guilty about not going out and decided to have a "safe" phone date
2. He still likes me and doesn't trust himself alone with me
3. We really did "date." As I've never dated I've never been sure of what it entails but the truth is whether he can recognize it or not, as a Catholic and American I can - we dated.

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