Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't Let Me Get Me

Artst: Pink

So I'm suffering major anxiety and frustration.

I decided to speak with one of my professors about my book and publishing some articles (see if the idea is pratical). He thinks its a great idea and that I should go to graduate school. So all day I've been thinking about grad school.

I'd have to wait 18 months before I could even start since I didn't apply. Didn't take the GRE. And the added and continuous problem of not having a language proficiency thus excluding me from most programs.

My whole college career was based off getting in to Teach for America. I got rejected in October. Then a miricle happened and I got an internship that would lead to a job but the program was suspended. The result is I have to plan for the future and have no where to start and am behind.

I've been applying to jobs online but the fact is I'm not sure how much I really really want to do them. I know I can do them and I know I would be good at it but I don't know if it will make me happy. I was raised to only care and think about money and these jobs would provide me with that. I could buy things - matching undercloths for example - and go on vacation - Charleston, NYC and St. Petersburg. I could take classes, socialize maybe meet someone. My work might not be fun but maybe I could have a good life.

My dream option is to work for a politician or at the White House but I'm not sure how practical the first is and the second is a dream. Neither would provide me money but excitement and satisfaction. I think sometimes that working at a non-profit or think tank would too. I like to work with people and research.

A goal in my life is to get a PhD. I promised my Aunt Sharon I would get one. But I'm so tired of school. I don't know if I could survive 4-6 more years. especially since I'll be a year behind - which means I don't even know if I could get in. I'm still not sure where I could get in because of the language issue. But I don't want to make the same mistake twice in regards to college so if I go I want it to be somewhere I like - MSU or somewhere on the East coast. New England, NY, DC or SC would be great. I may be able to have a life and be in school but I don't know if I could get in.

There is my other problem. I go to the school I do because I was afraid to go somewhere big. I thought I was too dumb, I didn't realize that I was only an idiot for not applying because I could have got scholarships to alot of schools and I would have done fine and probably have been happy too. I'm scared to go to grad school. I get all As but I don't think I'm that smart. I don't think I'm that great of a writer either. But I don't know if its the lack of self-confidence and fear that have plauged me or that I know the truth and other people or all crazy.

I don't want to make another mistake that I will regret for the rest of my life but I don't know what the mistake is.

I'm not about to have my dream life - a husband, home and family - I can't even get a date. Part of me just accepts this fact. The other part isn't sure. Is getting a career a good way to find a job and get that or is going to school and maybe meeting someone there. Or more importantly will school just be a final nail in the coffin as I'll be with mostly younger people and miss out on a chance to potentially get a life? I don't know if I want the nail yet.

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  1. Okay dude, you need to apply for grad school and apply out of state! And fix that damn laninator while you're at it!!! LOL. Seriously though, don't be afriad! It'll be a great experience and lots of people do it. You will be so glad that you've taken a chance. Just apply.